What does the Rural Mental Health program provide?

The program provides 1:1 mental health support for farmers and their families. Farmers experience challenges unique to their profession – isolation, uncertainty, and risk. The program coordinator, Alma Jorgenson, can meet with farmers individually or with families to help talk through some of the stresses that come along with farming.

What region does the program serve?

The program serves Northeast MN and Northern WI. In MN we serve: Carlton, St. Louis, Lake, Cook, Pine, Aitkin, and Itasca counties. In WI we serve: Douglas, Burnett, Washburn, Sayer, and Bayfield counties.

If you see a neighbor/colleague struggling with stress or anxiety and want to let them know about the program, what should you do?

We have developed some materials to explain the program and are always willing to answer questions.  The best thing to do would be to let the person know you care about them, and that they can contact Alma Jorgenson to talk about what they are experiencing.  It’s confidential and no insurance is involved. Feel free to call Alma anytime to get some support and advice on how to handle those hard conversations.

How much does the mental health support cost?

Nothing. The services from this program are free of charge and fully funding by a grant from the Miller-Dwan Foundation. No insurance is needed.

Do the farmers have to come to an office to receive support?

The program coordinator is able to come to the farmer, or meet remotely if that’s preferred. She is able to meet the farmer at their farm or at another local location such as a church or café. The location can be determined between the farmer and Alma.

Is the program for people in crisis?

No, the program is designed to help people before they get to a crisis or to help manage stress after a crisis situation.

If you or a farmer you know is in a crisis situation, please reach out to one of the resources:.


Minnesota Farm and Rural Helpline Available 24/7 - (833) 600-2670

Aitkin Crisis Line – 800-462-5525

Carlton Crisis Line – 844-772-4724

Cook Crisis Line – 844-772-4724

Itasca Crisis Line – 218-326-8565

Lake Crisis Line – 844-772-4724

Pine Crisis Line – 800-523-3333

St. Louis North Crisis Line – 218-288-2100

St. Louis South Crisis Line – 844-772-4724


24/7 Farmer Wellness Hotline - 1-888-901-2558

Bayfield Crisis Line – 866-317-9362

Burnett Crisis Line – 888-552-6642

Douglas Crisis Line – 715-392-8216 or 715-395-2259

Sawyer Crisis Line – 866-317-9362

Washburn Crisis Line – 888-860-0373

Is this program a formal mental health service?

No, it’s designed to be a conversation with someone who truly understands the stresses farmers face, not a clinical service. Alma understands the challenges of farming and is available to have a conversation to help farmers manage some of the stress that they are experiencing.

I would like to have the program coordinator meet with a group in my community or speak at an event. How do I go about doing that?

The first step would be to reach out to the program coordinator. Alma is willing to speak at community meetings and events where farmers will be in attendance.

What topics does the program coordinator speak on?

Alma is able to speak on many topics that surround farm stress and rural mental health. Potential topics include the current climate of agriculture, general farm stress, how to manage stresses like uncertainty and isolation, or how to manage the emotions of complicated family dynamics.

How can I tell more people in my community about this program?

Alma can send you brochures to post in public locations or share with farmers, you can raise awareness about the program in public meetings and forums, and you can share the program website in social media: https://lschc.org/patient-services/rural-health/



Alma Jorgenson


Cell Phone: 218-491-1788


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