Emily Onello, MD

Emily Onello, MD

Board Certified in Family Practice and Urgent Care Medicine

Dr. Emily Onello is board certified in both Family Practice and Urgent Care Medicine. She started with Lake Superior Community Health Center in 2008. She graduated from Mayo Medical School. When asked what her professional interests were, she replied, “As a Family Physician, I believe in working towards a healthier environment for all people.  This includes making sure everyone has access to clean air, nutritious foods and to fresh, untainted water supplies.  Environmental health is one of my important professional and personal interests.  As a medical educator, I am interested in training our next generation of doctors as knowledgeable and compassionate physicians.” What she enjoys most about her job is the opportunity to serve our patients as their health issues and needs arise.  Providing the best healthcare that she can, alongside our collaborative team, gives her a sense of purpose every day that she works here at Lake Superior Community Health Center. Her favorite health tip is that there is no prescription medication, drug or supplement "known to man" that comes close to offering the lifelong health benefits of regular exercise and fitness!  Stay as active as you can!

In Dr. Onello’s free time, she enjoys the "great outdoors" here in the Northland.  This includes hiking, canoeing and cross-country skiing, and avoiding ticks when the season strikes.

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